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The subantarctic ilands between Australia/New Zeeland and Antarctica is a heaven of fantastic nature with fascinating inhabitants - among others this Yellow-eyed Penguin. This species is found at a limited number of islands and seldom encounters humans - the authorities are enforcing strict rules on who and how many that get on shore on those marvelous islands; this is very fortunate, considering how friendly the animals are to humans, much more so than for their own good! A strange thing with the Yellow-eyed penguin is its feathers around the eye - strangely enough it makes the eye blurry! Almost all pictures are out of focus around the eye, despite meticously focusing. However, a few pictures successfully captured his sharper image! He seems to wonder from what planet I'm from...


  • Subject: Yellow-Eyed Penguin, Megadyptes antipodes 
  • Location: Auckland Island, New Zeeland
  • Date: December 1993